Monday, May 31, 2010

last day to vote for $$$$ - need your response before midnight - Land Bank

Hey Global Youngstown...

Go here to this web page and vote for project H!

It takes 3 minutes (if that) and you have till midnight of Memorial Day!

Do it now, and if we win, we get $60,000 to set up a regional land bank.

Click. Vote. Win.


- - -

In other opinionated news, I have to admit the names that are used for these city planning programs in Youngstown are very inventive and savvy.

For example:

"Grounds for Change" - the regional land bank project

"Lien Forward Ohio" - the regional entity making unproductive land productive

"Rollin' on the River" - the mahoning river corridor redevelopment project

"Lots of Green" - the YNDC lot remediation project

and this gem from the recent Regional Learning Network conference:
"Community Organizing: Going Wide and Going Deep"

the big question: which one to choose - wide or deep?

Amit has the answer.

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Defend Youngstown said...

Size matters. Go wide.