Wednesday, May 31, 2006

the reality of the realty

Special thanks to the posters at for putting up information about a soon-to-be rennovated building that will house apartments right in the heart of downtown. The three room apartments on the west side of the building should offer great views looking down the heart of Federal Street.

Here are some images of the Reality Tower as found on the website of the developer:

This is a great step in the building of a residential community in our downtown. Kudos to the private sector for stepping up and making an investment.

- - -

Can architecture, urban design and city planning help turn things around?

Steve Lott from the Cleveland Pain Dealer tackles this question in today's newspaper. You can read this thoughts here.

Perhaps the upcoming new building for the school of business on YSU's campus can have a "cutting-edge" design that impacts the pride of the residents of Youngstown. Should it be a beacon of light as you drive along interstate 680? Or should it be Youngstown's first "green building"? Or blend seemlesslessly into the surrounding neighborhood? Maybe it can be all three.

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