Monday, June 26, 2006

throw the book at this bastard

Thursday, June 29th at 1:30pm

Downtown at City Hall, Municipal Court (2nd Floor)

This is the time and place for the sentencing hearing for the criminal that was caught last week breaking into a vacant home on the North Side, stealing its contents and destoying its interior. This type of behavior has progressively destroyed many of our city neighborhoods, and now is the opportunity for the public to display its feelings on this type of crime. Please join us this week at City Hall. We need your presence. Spread the word.

here is a message from the Ytown Homes and Historic Buildings Yahoo group:

All interested parties are strongly encouraged to attend this hearing. It is important that the courtroom be filled to capacity to send a strong message to the court, and the community in general, that this house stripping activity of vacant properties on the North Side is not a "victimless crime".

All residents of our North Side neighborhoods are adversely affected by this activity. The scavengers must be apprehended and incarcerated for the maximum length of time that the law provides in order that these vacant properties can be peacefully restored, rehabilitated and occupied as soon as possible.


We MUST start sending a message to the courts and to city hall that breaking into and stripping the antiquities from Youngstown's homes will NO LONGER be tolerated!

(thanks to A for the information)

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Anonymous said...

yeah. that's a shame and a pity but i'm more concerned about punishing criminals who torture and kill animals and/or treat their wives like their property (i.e., see no problem with beating them to death and the burning down the house because, hey, she's just some bitch i married and therefore control).

i think ytown has way bigger problems than people stripping houses of valuable interiors.

did you see that 2 men who were attempting to strip copper wiring were electrocuted and killed in the same week (i think within 2 days)? this was maybe a month or so ago.

-- b