Friday, November 10, 2006

someone new at the table

Dear valued readers,

The “Shout Youngstown” blog is excited to announce a new member to our writing staff.

In celebration of this event, our website will have a full week of new content, which will be updated every day starting on Monday, November 13th. The title for each of next week’s stories will be:

o following the stars – attracting people, in addition to industry
o the Youngstown Homestead Act of 2007 : part I
o the Youngstown Homestead Act of 2007 : part II
o unique youngstown
o why west federal should not look like east federal
o the third function of a university
o a thousand points of light

Our goal is to make “Shout Youngstown” an engaging forum for economic development and urban design in the city of Youngstown, the Mahoning Valley, and Northeast Ohio. We hope the ideas and concepts found within the stories and comments can begin a dialogue for specific plans to enhance our region.

All stories found on the website are indexed by month and subject. Some of the more interesting concepts are highlighted in the “a sample of recent ideas” section.

We look forward to your comments and suggestions.

The Shout Youngstown blog team,

Janko & Ben Trovato

1 comment:

George said...

Best of luck, gentlemen. Looking forward to keeping up with the changes there.

Perhaps we can come down and do a Meet.The.Bloggers* with you?