Friday, December 08, 2006

inside the printz mansion

Had a jam-packed Saturday. Started with breakfast at the Golden Dawn, to the Chevy Center for the art show, out to Selah in Struthers for lunch in the bank vault, finished an interview with Miss Delvaux, watched the Penguins at the stadium, and hopped throughout downtown at night.

But nestled between the Walruss chat and the YSU football victory, was a tour of some Northside Homes. The neighbors around the 5th Avenue area are trying to construct some historical markers for this famed northside neighborhood of Youngstown, and this event - a tour of 6 homes with dinner at the Youngstown Club - was a fundraiser to try and improve the visual appearance of the neighborhood.

All of the photos of this blog entry are of one house - the Burt Printz Mansion located at 1819 Fifth Avenue, immediately north of Crandall Park. The house is now a bed a breakfast, and to my knowledge, the only operating place for lodging in the city limits.

The inside is a sight to behold . . . filled with ornate fireplaces and lighting, dark wood and white carpet, and modern conveniences throughout.

Below are pictures from the master suite upstairs. The bathrooms are huge throughout the five suites and rooms. This bathroom even has a fireplace (not pictured since I'm sitting on it to take the photo).

Also available to rent in the mansion are certain areas of the house and individual rooms. Pictured below is the billards room, followed by the media room - complete with a television the size of Lanterman's Mill.

Rooms at the Printz Mansion start at $100 a night. According to the information they distributed at the door, reservations can be made by calling 330-744-7746. I wonder if the companies downtown put up their guests here? Is there even a corporate rate at bed and breakfasts?

The amazing thing about these houses on the north side is the craftsmanship of the structure. These homes were built a century ago and will probably be around for a hundred more, as long as there are good people living inside of them. When you walk inside of them, they feel different. The wooden frames, the diverse brickwork, and the multiple fireplaces all make these houses feel completely different than a homes constructed less than 60 years ago.

In other Youngstown 2010 news, the North Heights neighborhood was recently added to the city's planning website. Contained all over the North Side are these incredible and historic homes, many at reasonable prices. Maybe the North Side will be the area where I purchase my first house.


Kumica said...

Looks like my house!

Jim said...

Today I came across information that we already know about Youngstown and its affordable housing stock. According to this CNN study, its the second most affordable city in the country (after Indianapolis)

Anonymous said...

perhaps a tour of some of the homes in older neighborhoods that are functioning and in good condition will give people a view of what youngstown has to offer and even push some to purchase and renovate. I wonder if this goes on now or if people who own such homes on the northside have considered the idea before?