Friday, February 23, 2007

turning comedy into winners

This past Saturday at the Oakland, a "Comedy Showcase" was held, highlighting stand-up comedians from throughout the region.

I sat in the back.

As you can see in the picture, the stage is being set up for the upcoming show "Misery" this weekend and next (his feet are cut off in a bloody fashion in their version). Click here for additional details about the show.

Here's a clip of local comic Murad Shorrab explaining what you gain when you date him:

Local talent such as Murad will be performing at the next "Stage" at the Oakland on friday, march 16th.

Several other singers, belly dancers, performance artists, sword swallowers, and circus freaks will be there as well.

- - -

Fast forward to this week, where the "Funniest Penguin" contest was held at Peaberry's on Youngstown's campus.

What's cool about this event is that they incorporated technology from the Youngstown Business Incubator into the voting process. To judge each of the ten comedians who performed on stage, the audience was provided with wireless keypads from Turning Technologies, one of the companies in downtown's growing cluster of software development companies.

Along with other "professional" judges, the audiences' opinions were factored into the final score and choosing a champion.

stand-up comedy + technology + public engagement = a new way to connect to people

It makes one wonder about all the different scenarios by which Turning's technologies can be incorporated into other forms of entertainment and public engagement . . .

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