Friday, May 18, 2007

batboy loose in youngstown

The beast has been captured and is being held in captivity - alone in a cage in downtown youngstown.

You can see this thing - half boy and half bat - in the window of the Oakland from 6am to noon on Friday. [220 west boardman street, downtown in the Yo.]

They found him in a cave in Mill Creek Park near the witches' rocks across from the silver bridge.

Then throughout the next two weekends, the batboy will be starring in a musical at the Oakland on May 18, 19, 25, 26 at 8PM, and May 20 at 2pm.

- - -

Seriously, I saw it last weekend and it's great. You can find a review in the local papers here and here.

funny. good singing. great costumes. prosthetics. animal copulation.

Well Cleveland bloggers, you missed the boat on the kickball. Here is a jersey from one of the teams this year.

So instead of crying all the time how you miss the fun in Youngstown, why don't some of you in the "cleveland+ region" jump in the car and visit your brethren.

- - -

back to the show, here's a photo of the opening scene being filmed by some director in Mill Creek Park.

And here's some short video clips from the show...

This is what a revival in Youngstown usually looks like:

This next scene was ephing awesome. Complete with beasts in heat engaged in a choreographed number. and a satyr. This scene was worth the price of the ticket alone.

And another quick shot of the cast:

Finally, some fun backstage with props:

and in a scene that only can be called Reaganesque:

ah, putain. la vache folle. word.