Thursday, April 03, 2008

the home of the original Good Humor Bar to become new downtown museum

the news is now public:

The Mahoning Valley Historical Society (MVHS) will be expanding its operations to create a new History Center downtown. The 132 year old organization recently purchased the 22,000 sq. ft. Burt Building (continuously occupied since 1935 by Ross Radio) for renovation. It was at this location that Harry Burt first produced his patented invention in the early 1920s: the “Good Humor” ice cream bar on a stick, now famous all over the world.

(photo courtesy of the MVHS blog)

The History Center will include:
- permanent space for exhibits and education
- climate controlled storage and conservation facilites
- exhibition space for traveling history shows
- downtown space for community activites and group events

This building is in great shape. Lots of untouched furnishings from when the building operated as a candy and ice cream factory, retail store and public dining area many years ago.

Read more about the building and future plans at MVHS's great blog.

Better yet, become a member of MVHS.

Their archives are a wonderful place to vist any weekend.

BONUS HISTORY TIDBIT: follow how the Good Humor brand was purchsed from Burt's widow after his death and shifted from corporation to corporation over the past 78 years here.

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