Wednesday, July 29, 2009

only two days left to vote! - can you help bring funds to Youngstown?

Only 2 . . .

two, dva, dos, deux, kaksi, 'elua, Δύο, due, dy, zwei, iki, kubili, dois

2 days left to vote

for distinct projects [ specifically, the Mahoning River Corridor Initiative a.k.a. "Rollin on the River" AND the Mahoning / Youngstown Regional Information System (MYRIS) ] that may bring hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Mahoning Valley.

all because of your vote


go here
and read about the projects, then vote.

from today's Youngstown Vindicator:
"Why is it so important that the two Mahoning County projects win?

There is the money, of course, but more importantly, there is the Mahoning Valley’s reputation.

For too long this region has been viewed with a certain amount of disdain by the rest of the state not only because of local governments’ negative reputation brought on by corrupt officeholders, but because of the time it has taken us to recover economically from the collapse of the steel industry more than 30 years ago.

That should be the rallying cry for the residents of the Mahoning Valley. It would be a shame, indeed, if the two projects that have led the competition thus far lost in the end because of apathy."

So if you haven't yet, it takes like 60 seconds to vote.

any fan of Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley can vote.

vote. vote. vote.

vote Rollin on the River, vote for MYRIS.

and vote for another inventive idea. The one in Oberlin looks good. Same with the one in Ashland. and there is a joint economic development planning one for parts of Summit county that's interesting too.

vote Rollin on the River, vote for MYRIS.

voting closes Friday July 31st.

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