Wednesday, February 10, 2010

YNDC chooses three neighborhoods for initial focus

The newly formed Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation (YNDC) has announced it will concentrate certain pilot projects within three distinct neighborhoods in Youngstown.

The neighborhoods are Idora (south side), Lincoln Park (east side), and Crandall Park North (north side).

More information on the YNDC's programmatic efforts can be found in the Business-Journal's article here.

But taking glance at these neighborhoods from above, what do you see?

or the Garden District neighborhood:


Tyler said...

I love a good mystery. They're bordering parks?

Erplane said...

I see a caboose, and a caulking gun.

Katie Libecco said...

Parks AND recreation. Northside has the pool, Idora has the Playhouse.

Janko said...

I never knew until today (after getting the Lincoln park map from YSU) that there was a road on the east side named Council Rock Avenue.

yeah, I was kinda struck with how many of the neighborhood of Youngstown have massive parks adjacent to them.

what a marketing benefit!