Tuesday, March 08, 2011

thank god for organ donors...

With the finishing touches being applied to the $1.4 million restoration of the Opus 582 in downtown youngstown's Stambaugh Auditorium, the engineering marvel from 1926 is attracting music talent from around the world.

The restored organ with its 3,847 pipes (I've also read 3,905 pipes) and hand-crafted wood panels and metal ornaments seems quite at home at the irreplaceable Stambaugh Auditorium.

From its inside...

the concert hall:

the marble room:

the grand ballroom:

(previous three photos from Stambaugh Auditorium's website)
(more interior and exterior photos here)

according to this article in the Business-Journal, a $750,000 grant was provided by the Joseph G. Bradley Charitable Foundation to aid in the reconstruction.

More great information on the refurbishing can be found on the wytv website here.

More video telling the tale here (before) and here (after)...

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The operational skinner joins such other venerable organs downtown like the "Mighty Moeller" at Trinity United Medodist and its 5,000 pipes (link).

one wonders, with all the dozens of theaters and churches in downtown youngstown (past and present), what is the organ-per-capita density compared to other U.S. cities?


Joe Lowry said...

I really thought that for an authoritative blog post you would have counted the organ pipes. I'm disappointed you didn't take your research that one step further...

William Conti said...

The true number of total pipes as scaled for this organ known as Opus 582 is 3905 pipes not including the 20 note chimes and the celesta and the harp.
All sources of information should come from William Conti Chair of the organ restoration and Ronald Gould Co-chair. We do appreciate your coverage of this grand and historic E. M. Skinner pipe organ.
William Conti President and Trustee of The Henry H. Auditorium