Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bloomberg Businessweek reports on economic impact of Lordstown's third shift

this approximation of direct and indirect spin-off got my attention:

"A third shift at a Midwestern U.S. auto plant typically requires 1,000 autoworkers and creates 7,850 spinoff jobs ... about one-third within 60 miles of the plant, with others [two-thirds of jobs] at farther away suppliers and service providers."

And with subsequent real-life examples of how a third shift impacts the bottom line in a community, this week's Bloomberg Businessweek magazine profiled some of the economic activity around Lordstown/Youngstown from the third shift assembling the Chevy Cruze.

Here is this week's Putin cover if you are looking for a copy to pick up:

An interesting line of work I did not know existed is overnight childcare. Parents drop off their kids going into their shift around 10:00pm, and then after their eight-hour shift, pick them up after 6:30am and take them to school. Wow.

What other unique opportunities come about in a third-shift kinda town?

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