Tuesday, March 13, 2012

it's been nine months since vinyl siding went up, and degradation persists

Nine months.

A lot can happen in nine months.

A baby conceived in June 2011 would have been born by now.

Juniors in high school from June 2011 are getting ready to now graduate as seniors.

If you started counting from one for every second since June 2011, today you'd be beyond 23.7 million.

However, very little can also happen in nine months too.

Very little.

It's been exactly nine months and one day since the Saturday in June 2011 when cheap vinyl siding was put on a facade at 25 West Federal Street.

This same vinyl siding design for this building was soundly rejected by the city's Design and Review Board before construction, however the owner of the building decided to put up the violating vinyl anyway.

And since the June construction of the rejected design, with citations issued, postponed court dates, and capitulation without construction deadlines, the white vinyl siding remains.

Through nine months, the vinyl siding remains, untouched.

And other current downtown investors wonder...

...why are plans not respected and agreements blatantly ignored?
...why is a city so weak when it comes to code enforcement?
...why do others not follow the rules, when most abide by certain standards?
...why now is the building inhabited, but the original problem still exists?

As these questions set into the minds of those who have made recent investments into the Central Business District, one may ask:

would they make a future investment in downtown youngstown?

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