Monday, October 23, 2006

defend youngstown: an update

The "defend youngstown" phenomenon is growing and growing in popularity. I counted three cars during the weekend that had the defend decals on their car windows. Others fans were spotted wearing the t-shirts at the YSU football game on Saturday.

And at the Peace Race Sunday morning, Youngstown Mayor Jay Williams wore his shirt when he ran the 10K race.

More good press can be found in the October issue of The Metro Monthly. Their story highlights this quote from the man behind the vision:

"This is our town. We are going to stand up for it. It's going to be a long battle. But this is it. This is Youngstown. This is your home . . . and do your little part, do whatever you can do to defend Youngstown."

fight the good fight . . .


Dave said...

I know that kid. I think he works at the courthouse in the judge's office. Used to see him drop mail off that I had to stamp. Kind of random to see his picture on your website, interesting article though.

emdubl said...

i bought one.