Thursday, October 12, 2006

update on NEO stickers

Kudos to Rusty, a reader of this blog who went to The Sticker Cafe and designed a NEO oval sticker.

He worked with their design team on the concept, and a few moments later...

* bamf ! *

Northeast Ohio stickers for the back of your car or office, available for $5 (including shipping)

click here to check them out!

also coming soon in dtown ytown . . .

- - - stage fright - - -
oakland center for the arts
220 w. boardman st.
yo, oh

pre-registration 7-8pm
performances 8-11pm

Just in time for Halloween (the actual day, unlike all the other fakers who are celebrating before 10/31/06)

-- Costume Contest (so please wear a good one if you want a prize)
-- Trick-or-Treat style concessions
-- Special Effects make-up "lesion session" in the gallery from 7-7:45
-- Performances by:
* The ZOU
* Funny Farm stand-up headliners Murad and Ryan
* Local film by Steven Andrew
* B-Movie celebutantes DSK Productions
* Tap Dancer Extraordinnairre B. Martin
* YOU?

come and hang out in youngstown!

$3 at the door -- ticket for free glass of straub [at cedars] for every donation ($2 or more) to the oakland...

tell everyone you ever met, ever. even if you only met them once and don't think they remember you...i bet they do, and they'd be mad if you didn't tell them.


Ryan said...

hahahaha Straub, I think they only charge a buck for that.

LibraryTavern Liz said...

I have to get one of those NEO stickers!

Adam said...

BOO YEAH!!!! Rusty Griswold gets it done.

Anonymous said...

hey, stage fright! sweeeeet.

marie a.