Wednesday, January 10, 2007

new years resolution, er, revolution

I really enjoyed a post last week at the blog Word of Mouth. The author details the "Top 7 Things You Can Do To Help Lorain in 2007" for all to act upon, and you can read it here. With a population around 69,000 and an industrial heritage in steel and automobile manufacturing, Lorain could in fact be a sister city of Youngstown.

But one part of the blog really jumped out at me.

Every time you read the word "Lorain" in the next passage, insert "Youngstown". I did it fot the first sentence.

- - -

If you’re reading the WoM (shout youngstown) blog from some outpost other than Lorain (Youngstown), then you obviously are interested in Lorain (Youngstown) and Lorain’s (Youngstown's) well being. Lorain needs people like you so come back home. We have the lake (huge park), we have seething hot politics, a remarkably inexpensive cost of living and hey you can contribute to the revolution.

Conversely, if you’re reading the WoM blog from a study, bedroom or kitchen in Lorain then you defintely are interested in Lorain and Lorain’s well being. So stay. We need you and your care and your passion about Lorain IN Lorain. Don’t give up. We have just begun the revolution.

- - -

And so the revolution is just beginning in Youngstown.

But it needs your help.

From those both inside and outside the city limits.

We need you, and your care and your passion.

Please go and read the post about Lorain if you have the time. It even has some good links to click on about investment property loans, banking locally, and puchasing property in the city.

and happy 2007.

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Daniel Jack Williamson said...

From time to time, I have lumped Youngstown and Lorain into the same (some good, some bad)categories, also. Youngstown, however, has highways that cross the city. Lorain's highways only bypass the city. A more current post at Word of Mouth points out the plight of being bypassed. In that regard, Youngstown has a leg up on Lorain.