Wednesday, January 17, 2007

from the mailbag

One of the great things about administering a blog is the constant feedback and dialogue that is generated by the readers.

1 - In the last two weeks, it seems another four blogs with Youngstown-area themes have come into existence.

The Youngstown History blog

Blogging Ohio blog - with a new writer for Ytown

The Mahoning Valley Voice blog

The Defend Youngstown blog - reviewing news downtown

2 - A nice little policy story by Rob Atkinson, president of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, highlights America's response to past competitiveness threats and what should be done in the future. You can download it here.

The piece made me wonder if there are any R&D tax credits provided at a local level. Or if there are any local policies Northeast Ohio can come up with to match his proposals.

At the least, I feel this is a short article that all people - especially public officials and the folks that sit at home and listen to talk radio - should look over.

3 - And a great comment was sent by Anonymous yesterday as a response to the "Printz Mansion" entry:

"Perhaps a tour of some of the homes in older neighborhoods that are functioning and in good condition will give people a view of what Youngstown has to offer and even push some to purchase and renovate. I wonder if this goes on now or if people who own such homes on the north side have considered the idea before?"

I love this idea. When we went on the tour of the north side homes, it was amazing to see how these homes that were so beautiful on the outside were even more incredible on the inside. There were carvings in the wooden trusses on the ceilings, ornate original stained glass, working fireplaces, etc.

So maybe a group like the North Side Citizens' Coalition can take videos of the inside of these homes, stitch together small movies like the peeps at the Metro Monthly did, and post them to YouTube or to the webpage of their neighborhood's organization . . .

Driving through the nooks and crannies of the northside's streets this weekend along Crandall Park, the neighborhoods near Wick Park, and the homes south of the Stambaugh golf course, I heard these homes calling out: "Hey, look at me! We are here! You don't need to build your McMansions and three bedroom houses in the exurbs/suburbs. We are treasures waiting to be discovered . . ."

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William Eynon III said...

Thanks for the link to my Youngstown History blog. Us Ytowners need to stick together.