Thursday, September 27, 2007

the STAGE is one

This Saturday September 29th a new "the Stage" will be held at the O. So if you are looking for somthing to do before Kelly Pavlik beats the spleen out of that other chump, stop on over from 8pm tp 11pm.

$5 gets you in the door. At 7pm a social hour commences with free eats. Arts stuff will be all over the gallery's walls.

7:30pm will be auditioning for the experimental band "before the undead". And then, starting at 8pm will be the official program with...

-- The Zou, with new bassist Murad making his local debut with the band PLUS rocky horror
-- Dr. Ray's Sideshow with NEW assistant, Megan
-- Joe Carrabia's comedy styling
-- Harold Davis' unique blend of blues/comedy
-- Angelo LaMarca's song stylings
-- Chaos of Wisdom, a new-ish band (first time at the Oakland!)
-- Chris Barzak's wonderful words (he'll be rushing in from Clv)
-- Brandon Smith (comdey) vs. Brandon Martin (tap dancing)
-- other stuff still being arranged (will update)

This will be the one year anniversary of the Stage. Congrats to all who made it possible over the past 12 months.

The Oakland is located at
220 W. Boardman Street
Downtown Yo. O.

lots of free parking around.
and again, 5 bucks.
and plenty of Bettys.

Contact Brooke with questions and request to be in the show. Anyone can be on the Stage.

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