Monday, September 24, 2007

a smarter youngstown, plus propre, plus petit, plus vert

Similar to recent stories from Germany and the Netherlands about life in Youngstown and the 2010 plan, France has now jumped into the mix with an article in Challenges, France's largest business magazine.

You can read the article (in french though) here.

The article reviews Youngstown's history as the once 57th largest city in the country, the steel crisis, and its new approaches to city planning that have garnered international press.

Penned by Philippe Boulet-Gercourt, the article quotes Hunter Morrison, le directeur du Centre d'études urbaines de l'université: "Nous sommes au coeur d'une mégalopole de 7 millions d'habitants. Mais nous ne pouvons pas rester les bras croisés à attendre que d'autres viennent nous sauver. Dès qu'un quartier a accepté le fait qu'il ne redeviendrait pas le quartier ouvrier qu'il était, on peut faire beaucoup de choses en termes de qualité de la vie ou d'accès aux infrastructures."


You can hear a new interview with le directeur wednesday night at 7:30pm on WYSU through Sherry Linkon's radio show. Hopefully he'll be speaking English this time.

You can access Dr. Linkon's blog here and wysu here.

UPDATE" the interview is up, and can be accessed here.


Lou said...

actually, BabelFish translates the passage as:

We are in the heart of a megalopolis of 7 million inhabitants. But we cannot remain the arms crossed to wait until others come to save us. As soon as a district accepted the fact that it would not become again the working district which it was, one can make much of things in terms of quality of the life or access to the infrastructures

Tyler said...

LOL! Thanks for the morning laugh.