Saturday, March 08, 2008

accent on youngstown's cup of love

our friends at Accent Media have posted on their blog and their website this 10 minute video of their first "Accent on Youngstown" production. Check it out:

From Scott at Accent Media:
"This is a chance to use our new studio and shooting space, to meet people we really want to meet and respect and are curious about, and give a little sumthin, sumthin, back to the community who has welcomed us to Downtown Youngstown.

If you have a segment idea, or would like to be featured yourself, drop me a note at:
sfullerton (at) accentmediaonline (dot) com"
I especially like the animations in the intro and throughout, and thought the music selection was great. The guests make me excited too about the people striving to make Youngstown a better place - and we should support their efforts.

All sorts of interesting tidbits pop up in the three interviews during the broadcast, one of them being the new dining room at Charles Staples' restaurant will have a New Orleans theme and will be adding some additional southern favorites to the menu.

My tastebuds are already blown away by the "cup of love" Charlie puts in his bbq sauce.

What's gonna happen when Charlie puts some of that love into the gumbo?

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speak english motherfucker.

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