Wednesday, March 05, 2008

youngstown: international leader in "open source community development"


Maybe the better term is: international leader in
"open source community and neighborhood development"

question: how does the penetration of information technologies (IT) into the existing structure of communities and neighborhoods make these networks faster and more productive?

media from all over the world have been flooding into the city of Youngstown and our bloggers have been having this discussion with them.

Just as IT created its own niche market, then spread to other economic sectors improving their performance, this technology is making its way into the community and neighborhood development sphere as well.

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more details soon . . . stories developing.

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Debra Weaver said...

What a wonderful notion! I believe Youngstown could very well be the international leader in open source community and neighborhood development. Perhaps we should have a mini-conference to discuss this in more depth. Perhaps a study could be done...I think it would be fascinating to develop a research design for such a project.