Thursday, May 29, 2008

deep down inside the dark davis

As the sun faded beyond the horizon one day in mid-April, Shout Youngstown made it into the historic Davis Building downtown to get an update on the renovations.

Here's a view of the 2nd floor, which will eventually be the place of business for a team of local architects:

The original hardwood floors have completely been cleaned and sanded

Peering down the hall to what will be the conference room for the office

A bundle of lights.

Drywall, heating, and ventilation are all up throughout the structure

Here are the laquered boards drying, to be used in the company's future library.

Much of the furniture has been delivered, and needs to be installed.

Looking out onto the fire escape from one window:

from three windows . . .

And the kitchen of the 3rd floor apartment is coming together nicely.

The entrance from the 3rd floor to the rooftop patio:

Peering down the hall to the rear of the building

and looking up from what will be the entrance of the building

getting closer to complete . . .

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Mike Prelee said...

Rooftop patio. Man, I wish our building had one of those.