Wednesday, May 07, 2008

yes, it was magical

The Nouveau Rock Music and Art Festival took place on Saturday, and a diverse mix of people showed up to hear some of Youngstown's music scene.

A great buzz and good tunes filled the place.

And congrats to friends on Lora Avenue who got engaged at the event.

A nice review of the event can be found at Valley 24, with a music-laden photo gallery as well.

The event featured:
- Ten Cylinder Typewriter
- The Devotees
- The Deadbeat Poets
- The Zou
- Sewing Machine War
- Posture Coach
- Third Class
- The Realtime Digimob

The event was broadcast live to the world on the always streaming Rukus Radio.

also, the first "Plug n' Play" event took place this week. from Valley 24:
"At about 1 p.m., after being delayed an hour because of rain, The Zou plugged in their equipment on Central Square near the police memorial, and played a short-set, guerilla-style.

“This was like the best show I’ve ever played in Youngstown,” guitarist Rob Thorndike says. “This is a sweet town. I love playing music. This constantly needs to happen.”"
20 fridays of local music at noon this summer
at The Man on the Monument.

- - -

musicians reading this:

just come to downtown youngstown and do it.

this is your city.

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