Thursday, October 23, 2008

new c+p+y website up, nov 7th is 2nd event

from the new Working-Class Perspectives blog, a mention of the Tech-Belt:
"Both physically and mentally Youngstown is located at the center of a bi-state region. Despite this fact, Youngstown has long defined itself as being at the edge of two urban centers-Cleveland and Pittsburgh. This perception is beginning to change because our nation and region are changing.

To thrive in this changing world, we must take a long view-looking 30 years ahead to new economic patterns rather than looking back to the industrial world of more than 30 years ago.

The Steel Corridor/Tech Belt is home to 7.1 million people. It is larger that Ohio’s other megapolitan, the “Ohio Valley,” anchored by Columbus and Cincinnati (5.3 million) and is the same scale as the “Carolina Piedmont,” anchored by Charlotte and Raleigh (7.0 million), the “Georgia Piedmont,” surrounding Atlanta (6.9 million), the “Florida Corridor” linking Tampa and Orlando (7.8 million), and the “Greater Metroplex” of Dallas-Ft. Worth and Oklahoma City (7.9 million)"
The next opportunity to hear more about the Tech Belt concept will be at the upcoming Cleveland+Pittsburgh+Youngstown Regional Learning Network summit to be held in Youngstown on Friday, November 7th. You can register here, with the full day schedule here. Transportation to Ytown and vegetarian dining options are available.

Additionally, a new website for the C+P+Y RLN is now up, and is based upon the ning structure - with more than 80 members signed up so far.

At the site you can build a personal profile, watch archived presentations from previous meetings, download powerpoint files, etc.

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Mike said...

Great post, it's these type of efforts that will start to turn the tide.