Tuesday, October 14, 2008

new signs, new blogs

Congrats to the residents in Crandall Park North neighborhood for putting up the very nice and new signage welcoming people to their neighborhood.

This is the same neighborhood named by Old House Journal as the nation's most affordable historic district.

Also, a new blog is up by Greater Ohio, and can be found here.

from its first post:
OSU professor Mark Partridge’s paper, Our Joint Future: Rural-Urban Interdependence in 21st Century Ohio, provides evidence for the increasing connectivity among our jurisdictions and the benefits that would derive from intentional collaboration.

Partridge shows that Ohio’s communities are becoming increasingly linked in multiple ways such as home values, poverty rates, population change and commuting patterns and that the economic condition of surrounding counties are often very similar.

Competing jurisdictions, therefore, are counterproductive and hinder our ability to be globally competitive.

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