Wednesday, November 12, 2008

how auckland parked some abandoned buildings

One of the neighborhood parks here in Auckland, New Zealand have done some pretty interesting things with buildings slated for demolition.

In Western Park (Te Rimu Tahi) right off of Ponsonby Road, designers planted the remains of discarded stoic buildings right into the earth.

It's an interesting idea for a park, but also a keen concept for Youngstown, as many beautiful buildings in the Yo have been removed in the past to make space for parking lots or newer structures.

Even though in Youngstown we should preserve in their present location (and illuminate) the facades of some buildings (see Kress Building, State Theater, and Paramount Theater, for examples), there may be an opportunity to recycle other structures for what we see here in New Zealand.

There are other little aspects of this park which we can even use in the redesign of Wick Park.

check out this disposal site for doggy doo:

and this stone mosaic, welcoming visitors at one entrance:

stay tuned for more stories in the future on other examples of urban design in New Zealand.


shadow said...

Back when I listened to classic rock, the cover of Styx's Paradise Theater drew me in to what we did to our historic buildings, and only amped it up. This park, with its buried gingerbread, fits the theme of the lost promise of our abandoned opulent neighborhoods very well.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff. There are plenty of interesting architectural remnants around we can use. Love the doggie doo container too.

Anonymous said...

That is a fabulous idea for a park. I cannot wait to see all of your pictures.

Anonymous said...

How quickly will those facades be covered in graffiti in wick park? and then it is just an eyesore

Anonymous said...

I love this idea! My friend emailed me your post a couple days ago. Since then I have talked to several people about this idea. We all agree Youngstown should incorporate some part of this idea into Wick Park! I am an amateur photographer and would love to go to a park that has this in it!