Monday, November 10, 2008

the nov 11th project - photoblog your neighborhood

the Nov. 11 project - everyone photoblog about your neighborhood

At a recent Rest Belt Bloggers discussion in Pittsburgh, an idea was sparked to display what our neighborhoods look like, hoping pictures can create connectivity and community, to those residing both inside and outside of the Cleveburgh mega-region.

So Buffalo can see Butler, PA.
So Ashtabula can understand Akron, OH.
So Warren can connect to Wheeling, WV.

On this Tues Nov 11th, a bunch of bloggers across the Rust Belt will be posting their photos, videos, art, etc, to describe their town - their neighborhoods.

Please pass the idea along.

For example, click here for a neighborhood walkthrough I found this morning, by a gent from Fort Wayne who seemed to be just passing through.

note: it's always interesting to see what visitors pick out as photo-worthy.

speaking of the mega-region, Green City Blue Lake live blogged Friday's RLN conference in Youngstown. Check it out here.

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