Friday, January 23, 2009

and now, a word from the president . . .

(friday night update: videos below)

44 himself was impressed with the change.

Today, the ol' university in youngstown announced its Western Pennsylvania Advantage, which cuts by $2,500 a year the tuition of students from Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, Crawford, Erie, Lawrence, Mercer and Venango counties in PA. More here.

This initiative is breaking down one more barrier along the Cleveburgh Corridor, demonstrating the diminishing significance of the Ohio-Pennsylvania border, a dotted line on maps less than 2.5 miles from the Youngstown city limits.

Now students from PA can attend YSU at a tuition rate lower than the in-state rate for Pennsylvanians at some of Pennsylvania's public universities.

but besides the cost savings (currently 650 of the school's 14,000 student are from Western PA), this description of the university caught my eye in the FAQ section of the website:
"Youngstown State University is historically and geographically linked to downtown Youngstown, where students will find a growing culture of restaurants and caf├ęs, in the midst of a lively music, art, and live-theater scene. The new Chevrolet Centre...

A half-mile from downtown is a truly amazing nature preserve, Mill Creek Park, offering miles of running and hiking trails, golf, waterfalls, picnic pavilions, an arboretum, and kayak rentals – 4,400 acres of exceptional green space to enjoy.

Twenty minutes’ drive north or south will take students to two major mall and shopping districts, complete with national retail chains, bookstores, coffee shops, movie theaters, and restaurants, as well as minor-league baseball.

Cleveland and Pittsburgh are only an hour from Youngstown in 
either direction for big‐city sports and entertainment."

as the region is economically integrated, why can't more of its policies be integrated?

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