Thursday, January 29, 2009

connecting lake erie to the ohio river, cleveland to pittsburgh

a quick update on the plan to connect downtown Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley to Lake Erie, the Ohio River, potentially Cleveland and Pittsburgh (and thus D.C.) by bike lanes can be found here.

from the article:
"Plans for a bike trail that would connect YSU with Mill Creek MetroPark were discussed at a recent public meeting. The plans for the path stretching about 1.5 miles have officially been in the works for about four months"

"The extended plan for the bike trails in the city would connect with the Great Ohio Lake-to-River Trail, which runs from Ashtabula to East Liverpool, and the Stavich Trail, which runs from Lowellville to New Castle, Pa."
But this project needs your support to become a reality. Pipe up to neighbors and friends and family how you feel about the concept, and rally local leaders to make it happen.

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