Wednesday, March 03, 2010

live, from rural Shaanxi province, a seven year old Chinese girl was watching the Kelly Pavlik fight

This is a crazy story.

Of how I was able to watch live the Kelly Pavlik fight deep within rural China.

Global Youngstown.

After a long morning of driving through rural Shaanxi province on December 20, we decided to stop for lunch.

We were looking for the flat noodles that are a speciality of the region and came across someone's home - which doubled as a place to get some food.

There were no waiters/waitresses in this house, and we picked up our food from the kitchen and ate our delicious meal of flat wheat noodles, cucumbers dipped in a hot plum sauce, cabbage with hot peppers, and pomegranates we purchased on the side of the road.

It was cold in that house. Damn cold.

After finishing my bowl, I leaned to my left . . . over a charcoal stove to heat my hands.

And this is what I saw:

A young girl walked into her family's living room and turned on the television.

Right away, China's CCTV 5 came up, with none other than Kelly Pavlik appearing on the screen.

It was lunchtime in China, but live back in Ohio, the Pavlik fight was underway - this one on the campus of Youngstown State University.

Check out the mat of the ring.. "Youngstown State University"

Here's a shot between the first and second round of Kelly's Trainer, Jack Loew.

Global Kelly Pavlik.

Global Youngstown.

From rural China.

Even though Kelly has a 78-inch reach, his real reach that evening from Youngstown circled the globe - highlighting Youngstown to millions across the planet.


Joe Lowry said...

That is incredible. Who would have thought?

Jim Canacci said...

This is extremely cool with the pictures. You should do something like Anthony Bourdain. This way you can eat French cuisine and write at the same time:)