Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Reason takes a look at ailing urban schools

as part of the "Drew Carey saves Cleveland" series...

you can watch the whole series here, which began yesterday.

another recent media clip came from WCPN ideastream:
"Most Ohio Schools Never Entered Race to the Top"

from the story:
"But there’s another issue, says Will Bagnola, head of the teachers’ union in Youngstown and among those who took a pass on Race to the Top funding. He says the terms of the grant demanded certain assurances from the union that his membership just couldn’t agree to.

Bagnola: Many of those assurances smacked our contract in the face. At this point our membership is not willing to go down that road to accomplish some of the assurances and to concede some of the things that we’ve been able to maintain in our contract. "

lots of interesting threads out there . . . not sure how one weaves them together to create an environment that works well for both school employees and students.

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Jim Canacci said...

It is sad to say this since my father and uncles used to teach in this system, but Youngstown city schools are in terrible shape. Lacking in every category, it is time for a change. I hope the issues brought forth can mend this broken system or at least bring its leadership down a different path.