Tuesday, April 27, 2010

a draft egg: stepping through experimental Youngstown-themed pysanky

in an effort to develop a new cottage industry to suit my entrepreneurial interests, this blog will now add "fine crafts" to its expanding repertoire.

presenting . . . meditations on experimental patterns for Youngstown-themed pysanky.

- - -

but what are pysanky?

from the verb pysaty meaning " to write ", pysanky are decorated eggs. In today's experiment, we'll use alternating layers of applied wax and multi-colored dyes to create a pattern upon the surface.

First, let's use a rubber band to assist with drawing in pencil some symmetrical ovals around the egg.

Next, we'll grab our kistka to apply the wax to the surface of the egg.

One takes the kistka and holds it in a candle, heating the metal to a temperature where wax can be melted into it, like ink within a pen.

Then, just like a pen, one can write out with wax across any surface:

Now we can cover over some of our pencil lines with the wax . . .

. . . making the pattern more and more unique.

Let's add little "Y"s to the surface, just like the ones you'll find on Youngstown State's football helmet.

Now we're ready for the first layer of dying. How about some good ol' Youngstown Red, like the color of the Mr. Peanut Bridge.

After five minutes, we have the following:

Now we can put even more wax on the surface, covering up the red parts of the egg for the next color.

And after putting the egg in black dye for a while, here is the result:

Next comes the fun part. Using the candle to melt off the existing wax on the egg.

After wiping off a little bit of the heated wax, our pattern first begins to appear.

Now we can take off the wax from all around the egg.

And here's the final product:

Youngstown-themed pysanky in Youngstown's colors of black and red.

- - -

Getting back to the entrepreneurial side of things, what is the sale price you think one should sell a Youngstown-themed hand-crafted egg for?

while this was the first "draft" egg, look for these eggs to soon hit the marketplace . . .

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Lisa said...

Great informative site, pysanky is something that was handed down to me through my mother and I know teach to my grandchildren. Thanks for sharing.