Thursday, May 13, 2010

7th Ward Citizen Coalition of Youngstown shines - as well as their neighborhood signs

This morning, two signs identifying the distinct neighborhoods of Youngstown's 7th Ward were installed on the South Side.

With three more installations to add within the week, this quality signage will promote the following places as neighborhoods of choice:

Buckeye Plat
Brownlee Woods
Cochran Run
Boulevard Park

While it may look like simply a neighborhood project, the message behind the signs speaks to something greater...

From the 7th Ward Citizens Coalition:
"When the project started out it seemed "small" in terms of perspective in the grand scheme of things, but today, seeing the signs actually in place, one gets a very palpable sense of pride and neighborhood unity.

This is much more than the installation of a few signs; it's a demonstration that people care about the quality of our neighborhoods and the sense of history and identity that these neighborhoods bring to our city as a whole.

As Youngstown moves forward in this century, we can look back with pride on this project as a great achievement in revitalizing the strength of our neighborhoods."
The sign project was funded in part by Neighborhood Success Grants from the Wean Foundation, as well as private donations and some discretionary funds from Councilman John R. Swierz.

The 7th Ward Citizens Coalition webpage is available at

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