Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Obama to Youngstown: "I’m going to keep fighting for a future that is brighter for this community."

Air Force One landed at the YNG airport today, bringing President Obama to the Brier Hill neighborhood in Youngstown.

He said the following:

"And as a result of that investment, V&M Star’s parent company has decided to invest $650 million of its own into building a new one million square-foot mill right here in Youngstown – the largest industrial plant built in the Mahoning Valley since GM built its plant over in Lordstown in the 1960s.

Right here, in the heart of the old steel corridor, where some never thought we’d see an investment like this again, they’re placing their bet on American manufacturing and on this community."


It's the Youngstown story being repeated and retold.

But told in the right places.

investments. More strategic. More innovative.

From the President while in Youngstown this 18th of May:

"We step up. We face our challenges. We compete. And we win."

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