Tuesday, October 05, 2010

LAWN-CON 2010 - a new ultra cool Youngstown event launches this Saturday

video recap: (story here)

"Youngstown is my Gotham City."
-- Chris Yambar

This Saturday, October 9 2010, a new free event will take place in the city: LAWN-CON.

Just off Mahoning Avenue in the west side's Rocky Ridge Neighborhood, Lawn-Con will be a comic book convention taking place in local artist Chris Yambar's front lawn.

From the facebook page of the event:
"LAWN-CON 2010 is a mini yard convention designed to build a bridge between the general public who can't find comic books in stores any more, fans who love the hobby, and those who are actually working in the industry. It is "grass roots" in nature and just a whole bunch of fun. A Meet-n-Greet, if you will.

There will be limited-edition t-shirts, an event print, photo opportunities, an art contest, portfolio reviews and awards given for best costumes throughout the day. This event will be captured on film and turned into a documentary.

Fans and pros will be interviewed...and made instantly famous when the final cut is released just in time for the Christmas gift-giving season. Snippets will appear on YouTube.

There is FREE admission to the general public for this event. Fans will have access to all pre-approved comics professionals who "set up their own table" by 10:30 AM. Chairs will be provided. Comics and sketches are available for a fee. There is no charge for autographs!"
More info on the event, including attending artists can be found here.

As an additional bonus, First Book Mahoning Valley will be on hand, passing out FREE BOOKS to every child in attendance.

What a great organization.

Lawn-Con 2010
in the front lawn of Youngstown's Chris Yambar
of "the Simpsons" and "Mr. Beat" fame
23 S. Hartford Avenue
Yo O 44509
October 9 from 11am to 5pm

"kickin grass, and taking names"

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