Tuesday, November 02, 2010

metro monthy posts The Flats at Wick ribbon-cutting

from the north side:


More housing now up, and more planned on campus/in downtown. discussed further in this great article in the Business-Journal:
Dominic Marchionda, president of US Campus Suites LLC, told guests at a ribbon-cutting event Monday that he plans to begin Phase II of the $24 million Flats at Wick next year, and at the same time start preliminary work on a plan to convert downtown's Erie Terminal into additional student apartments.

Marchionda is performing due diligence on that property, and says a student-housing complex would be a perfect fit there because of its proximity to the new Youngstown State Williamson College of Business Administration.

And he shared his vision of redeveloping this YSU section of the city's North Side. In addition to the parcels bound by Bryson and Elm Streets, Madison Avenue, and the West Bound Service Road, Marchionda has purchased the parking lot and convenience store across the street.
watch the patterns of investment...

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