Tuesday, November 09, 2010

tasting results from the 2010 vintage of local cider

In our continuing efforts to bring the highest quality journalistic endeavors to the internet, the staff at this blog recently sponsored a local-cider tasting event with 3 of Youngstown's finest chefs.

Each of those refined palates were given unmarked glasses of three local and prominent apple ciders.

The ciders were from:
White House Fruit Farm - link
Haus Orchards and Cider Mill - link
Hays Orchard - link

In unmarked glasses, the judges captured their thoughts on paper.

Here are some of their comments from all three judges for each sample:

sample A
"slightly buttery, sugar is subtle but not overpowering"
"body: light with a crisp apple finish"
"richness in color"
"slightly acidic, deep hues of color"

sample B
"clean, crisp taste"
"darkest color of all samples"
"long finish of apple remains in mouth"
"slight spice, even peppery"
"distinct apple taste - like biting an apple"

sample C
"translucent compared to others"
"saccharine sweet"
"slight tartness, even onion residues"
"too sweet"
"tastes artificial"
"light in color and body compared to the others"

Two judges picked sample B to be the best.
One judge picked sample A to the the best.
All judges agreed sample C to be a distant third compared to the others.

now, let's put in the names of the ciders into the above sentence...

Two judges picked Haus' Cider to be the best.
One judge picked Hays Cider to the the best.
All judges agreed White House Cider to be a distant third compared to the others.

- - -

Depending on the harvest the apples used from year to year may change, but for the 2010 vintage, the judges found...

Haus' Apple Cider is the best.


lae said...

I grew up with Haus cider and have always found it to be THE best...I am spoiled for any other! Just took a gallon down to our son in Virginia and 2 gallons out to our son in Seattle!

Anonymous said...

K...it would be easy to be bias because Haus Cider has a personal place in my heart. My choice for their cider, hands down, has to do with the taste. I have yet to find another local cider that tastes as good as what you can get at Haus.