Wednesday, December 29, 2010

civic crowdsourcing question: Has anyone taken the Chinatown bus from Youngstown to NYC?

Tonight the evening news was blanketed with stories of people stranded in airports across the country.

According to Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight blog (now at nytimes), with airline load factors at all-time highs of 82 percent, people won't be able to get a flight until after the new year.

Events like this massive snow storm show how limited our options are in the USA for public transportation.

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side note: It would be great if Ohio had $400 million (a random amount) to begin implementation of passenger rail.

But money like that from the federal government would never be allocated.

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here's a question:

Recently I heard there is now a Chinatown Bus providing cheap seats from Youngstown to New York City and back.

according to this site, there is a stop in Youngstown, right off Interstate 80.

Has anyone taken the China Bus?

Was it a pleasant experience?

How much was your ticket?

What time did you depart and arrive during both legs of the trip?

please leave your comments below...


Janko said...

according to the Chinatown Bus site, a ticket is $50 one-way.

leaves Youngstown at 12:45am

leaves NYC at 5:00pm

trip takes 7.5 hours to destination.

where does the bus stop before and after Youngstown?

Jim Russell said...

Interesting that Youngstown, Dayton and Cincinnati are the only Ohio cities with service.

Pittsburgh has a 12:30am departure time and is $45. 6.5 hours suggests non-stop service.

Anonymous said...

Megabus definitely runs from Pittsburgh to NYC, but have not heard of Chinatown bus from YO.
I knew folks who took the CHinatown bus from Boston to NY on a regular basis. Comfortable? Well, it's a bus. But it was cheap. Like a little village in terms of fellow passengers.

Anonymous said...

Yup, taken the China bus, as recently as November. Fast and easy trip. Most of the passengers are chines folks from Cleveland and Akron that arrive by shuttle at the Petro station on Salt Spings Rd to catch the 12:45 bus to NYC. The don't run on Fridays.

The bus left at 1am and arrived at 7:00am (I was literally getting off the bus at 7am--yup a 6 hour trip.) The return was 6.5 hours. The bus is called Fook Sing. You can buy tickets here: