Wednesday, February 23, 2011

another business incubator to open in Youngstown city limits - a food incubator

the other possible title of this post:
"where to get those nifty Resettle Youngstown t-shirts"

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Soon the City of Youngstown will have another incubator - a place where for-profit and non-profit entities can work together in close proximity, sharing knowledge and resources.

The Vindicator has a great story on the topic here explaining the rollout, the building of which was once the Penguin Pub and Amy's Campus 2000.

In the article : "North Side residents will see a producer and keeper of fresh, organic foods move to their neighborhood."

But the building also has other components from its recent renovation - multiple apartments available on the top floor, and tended garden space in the back towards Baldwin Street.

Just north of campus, the building also has neighbors in new or recently renovated structures, such as Dorian Books/Full Circle Florist, and the new four-story 115-bed apartment complex which opened this year. It also joins long-time neighborhood commercial entities such as Edward's Flowers.

The food incubator will be located in the Wick Park Neighborhood.