Tuesday, June 14, 2011

the city with a cowlick: new map shows Youngstown's boundary adjustments in 2010

On November 17, 1913 the area of land known as Youngstown Township ceased to effectively exist as the township was annexed into the City of Youngstown.

In the 97 years that followed, the western boundary of Youngstown was one straight shot along Meridian Road from Trumbull County down to Boardman and Canfield townships.

Similarly, almost all of the City of Youngstown is to the south of Gypsy Lane, with the exception of North Side Hospital, Stambaugh golf course, and additional industrial lands near the Crab Creek - north of Gypsy but actually in Trumbull County.

In 2010 however, the boundaries changed, albeit slightly, in the name of economic development.

Here is the new map, which now has a funky border in its northwest area, bound to slightly change the coloring of future maps online and in print:

and a zoomed in picture:

Why the slight changes?

In one case, now a bit of Youngstown for the first time rests to the west of Meridian Road. It's 6.4 acres of undeveloped land where Phantom Fireworks will be constructing a new store.

In the other case, about 190 acres of industrial space was transferred from Girard to Youngstown for part of the V&M Steel Tubing manufacturing facility, good direct foreign investment in the Mahoning Valley from a company headquartered in Paris France.

In both cases, successfully completing economic development projects where local jobs will be created was the impetus.

Bottom line, cooperation = economic development = future abilities for all of the Mahoning Valley to market itself.

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