Friday, June 17, 2011

youngstown's first pan-Slavic Fest to feature night disco, imports, other unique events

The first ever "Simply Slavic" fest kicks off this Saturday June 18 in downtown youngstown, celebrating the collective traditions of 12 countries across central and eastern europe.

A unique twist to cap off the day's festivities, there will be a EURO DISCO from 9pm to midnight with contemporary music from these countries, led by local DJ talent. Five types of imported slavic beers will be served throughout the festival.

Check out video 1, video 2, and video 3 for more information (good interviews and content).

Besides the disco, the Simply Slavic Festival will include starting at noon:
- ethnic foods from 12 churches of various nationalities
- baking contest, with winning entries to be raffled off
- Polka bands throughout, with folk dancing between sets
- a huge map of europe to mark your family origins
- discounts to the new OH WOW childrens science museum
- every person upon entry gets one ticket to the raffle of ethnic crafts
- a marketplace for ethnic crafts and sundries

a special flight of import beers will be available for $10, sampling beverages from 5 different countries...

- Pilsner Urquell (Czech Republic)
- Zlaty Bazant (Slovakia)
- Tyskie (Poland)
- Karlovacko (Croatia)
- Obolon (Ukraine)

and, they've got Slivovica, the magic elixir of life - in both Serbian and Croatian varieties

a few volunteers are still needed as of Friday because of last-minute needs to fence off the whole festival, resulting in having to reassign existing volunteers.

If you can help during the day (asking for one hour slots or more, from 12pm to 8pm) and want a free t-shirt, please respond in the comments section below as the organizers need some help!

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