Thursday, November 03, 2011

rare event: studio space above Silver's Vogue open this Saturday

I remember my first time.

It was cold outside, snow on the ground.

A friend of a friend had an invite one evening to the Pernotto Studio above Silver's Vogue Shop.

It's a rare place to visit.

I heard of the vast & colorful space, with super-high ceilings, art etched into the floor, and Youngstown memorabilia and history woven into the fabric of each room.

Had to jump at the opportunity.

Good decision.

Now you can have the opportunity to check out this unique downtown space as well.

Held at the Pernotto Studio, Youngstown's first "Night of Decadence" will take place this Saturday, November 5.

The party will be a fundraiser for the Next Best Art, formed to establish a new contemporary arts center downtown, independent of academic of institutional control, by artists for artists.

Lasting from 6pm to 10pm, the Night of Decadence will feature:
  • imported decadent chocolates
  • flowing gallons of wine
  • plates of handcrafted biscotti and desserts
  • inspired tastes from downtown caterers
  • jazz by Teddy Pantellas
  • dj'ed dance beats
  • silent art auction
Tickets to the fundraiser and entry to the Pernotto Studio are $20, half that if members of the YSU Student Art Association.

If you're interested in checking out the space, get a ticket.
It's a fundraiser after all,

to take the first steps
in building additional gallery
and art research space
in downtown youngstown.

Or, you can leave your name in the comment section below (which will not be posted, automatic comments disabled) telling SY that you are interested in a ticket.

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Tony said...

Can I pay at the door? and are you going?