Sunday, March 18, 2007

a beautiful thought on sunday morning

Found this on the "Meditations in an Emergency" blog

Last night at the Stage was just the most wonderful experience. There were so many people there, so much talent and creativity and expression, and so much of it just really really good . . .

. . . Youngstown has so much talent it makes me not sick but deliriously appreciative of being here and being a part of making this city into something good. My mom came to the Stage with me last night, and before and after the show we walked around in the downtown together. She hadn’t been there in years, and commented on how there were actually people walking the streets again, and storefronts with actual stores open inside them, and how things just felt so much different, more like what she remembered from decades ago . . .

. . . in my lifetime I’ve never seen Youngstown so alive and full of a hopeful wind blowing through it, I’ve never seen so many people coming together before to take the city back into their hands and make it into home again.

Youngstown’s a place with a lot of potential because it is so undefined, and I can see it as a place that people of the right spirit and inclination to create will come to because of that in the future.

Artists of all sorts, after all, want a blank canvas. And this city has more than enough room to make room for new life.

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Tim Ferris said...

This is a good message for all to adopt. So much of Columbus' success can be attributed to that Chamber of Commerce guy whose name I can't remember going around everywhere saying "I love this town!"