Friday, March 23, 2007

the davis building & this blog


That's the year when the John R. Davis building was constructed along Federal Street downtown.


That's the year when the building will be completely renovated, after being vacant for twenty years.

And this blog, I Will Shout Youngstown, has been chosen to be the official source for all information - photos, construction practices, drawings - during the reconstruction process.

Much thanks to the Sweet Jenny Land Company (very cool name) LLC for agreeing to let this blog bring you, the readers, every step in its resurrection . . . from the inside out. This project can serve as an example to others that saving older buildings is indeed possible.

To the left of the Davis building is the State Theater (we're hoping to save the facade of this one, but it's not a done deal) and to the right of the Davis building is the landmark Downtown Draught House.

The whole deal is almost done between Sweet Jenny and the CIC, with the financing completed, and just a few lawyerly-bits to work out. They hope renovation will begin on June 1st, with completion of the project by December 17th.

The first floor will be leased to private business, the second floor will be 2,200 sq ft for the architectural studios of Ronald Cornell Faniro Architects, and the third floor will be housing. The total cost of the project is expected to be around $300,000.

Here is another great example of some people stepping up, and making a difference in the downtown. Kudos to them.

And to all those who were calling for the building's demolition just a few months ago on the downtown message boards, well, you suck.

Long live the dreamers. Long live rebirth.

and remember to check back here for updates on the building's progress.


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Jim said...

That is a great idea! And with all of those working in the incubator, courts and university nearby I think modern bakery/cafe (hopefully locally owned) would fit perfectly on the first floor. Let's get more business and attraction to the streetscape of w. federal street.