Wednesday, April 11, 2007

emerging from the chrysalis

The Intelligent Alternative - Brainfood from the Heartland.

Such is the description of the Louie Free Radio Show, and three of us local bloggers were guests on Friday's show.

You can listen to the hour long interview here, which begins one-fourth of the way into the sound file. We are on after ex-congressman Tom "da hammer" DeLay and Peter Stone from National Journal. Louie was kind enough to use some Gogol Bordello as our music at certain points throughout the interview.

And being our first joint media appearance, a myriad of thoughts emerged, including:

- waiting for japanese food at a taco bell
- the starfish and the spider
- trash-talking over kickball
- how using crack does not alter your political future
- the similarities between the drug trade, the mafia, and IBM
- abandoning infinite breadsticks on route 224
- consuming vs. creating a city
- the difference between a hierarchy and a network

A special Shout Youngstown acknowledgement goes to to Tim Ferris, from whom I heard the last point for the first time. I ganked his thought for the response to a question.

And much thanks to Louie for the opportunity, and his opinions from his own blog.

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