Wednesday, April 04, 2007

kickball anyone?

Have you seen these posters around downtown?

They are advertising the creation of a kickball league in Youngstown.


- - -

So here's the skinny:

The league is open to anybody 21 years and up. You grab some friends and sign up, or sign up as an individual and get placed on a team, thus meeting new friends. The season starts April 25th, and continues every Wednesday for a number of weeks.

From their website: "No skills are needed, just a desire to come out and have a good time."

Each individual pays $45 to enter the league and you will receive:
- A Kickball League of Ohio t-shirt
- A minimum of 7 weekly games of Kickball, plus play-offs (All teams will make it!)
- Drink and food specials after the games at sponsor bars
- Plenty of opportunities to hang out with old friends and meet new ones

According to their website, the first 8 teams that register get a $100 bar tab.

The pictures shown above were lifted from the Kickball League of Baltimore site, and the peeps from Maryland are providing assistance to get the Youngstown league started. They manage a league in Baltimore with 172 teams and 3200 people - so the experience is there to help the Kickball League of Ohio get off the ground.

I wonder what the kickball environment is like in Cleveland and Pittsburgh and Akron? I'd like to see the Cleveland Bloggers form a team, drive the hour, and meet us on the field.

Get ready to eat dirt, George.*

This may be your only opportunity to nail the Youngstown Bloggers with an inflatable rubber ball.

You can find the Youngstown league's main website here, and their MySpace page here.

They also will be having two "Happy-Hour/Sign-ups" - one this Thursday April 5th at bw3s in Niles, and another the following Wednesday April 11th at bw3s in downtown Youngstown. They were orginally going to have the Youngstown one be this Thursday, but the Ludacris concert at the Chevy Centre will be that night.

- - -

Ludacris and kickball leagues competing for the same space downtown.

who would have thought this was possible even five years ago?

this is another great sign of the emerging youth movement in this city. unite!

*George is a good guy, just engaging in some virtual cyberspace trash-talk.

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dr radical said...

yeha we have kickball in pittsburgh, as well as many other coed sports in the Pittsburgh Sports League. maybe one day this will evolve into more.. the Youngstown Sports League. i'm on a dodgeball team this spring.. it's great.