Sunday, April 01, 2007

in flan we trust

It's an insult to your taste buds if you eat any other Mexican food in the Mahoning Valley instead of Casa Ramirez.

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Just one opinion, but from tasting their food, one can tell it is the only true authentic mexican restaurant in the region.

The restaurant is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, founded by Carlos y Celerina Ramirez.

Inside are two well-decorated rooms, one with an elegant mural inside:

The food again is great. And the waitresses are cute.

The first time I had a *real* tamales wrapped in a corn husk was here, as well as my first delectible chile relleno. Their mole sauce is just incredible.

I wish I had that stuff on tap at my house.

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I forgot to take pictures of my food until half way through, but here is some mole sauce on my half-eaten potato enchilada:

And as usual that night, I had the flan for dessert.

Now listen up people.

This is flan the way it should be made. There is only one other flan in my life I have tasted as good as this one, at it was in the city of Utuado in Puerto Rico.

The custard is set perfectly. The caramel sauce is sweet, but not overpowering.

And it costs $1.95.

again, $1.95.


If you are coming from downtown, Casa Ramirez is the first restaurant on the right, just a few streets after the Mahoning Avenue bridge (the Frank Sinkwich bridge) which passes over Mill Creek Park. They must do takeout, because one of the sportscasters from wytv picked up a dinner while I was finishing my flan.

Say hello to Coach Hartzell for me, brother.

According to their sign outside, they are open from 11am to 9pm Mondays thru Thursdays, 11am to 10pm on Fridays, 2pm to 10pm on Saturdays, and closed Sundays.

google map here.
Casa Ramirez
1578 Mahoning Avenue
Yo., O. 44509
phone: 330.792.9920

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