Friday, June 04, 2010

done with school? thankful for life? need a jumping-on point? - join the StreetScape Planting Day

a lot of people ask:

"what is something I can do to get on board with improving Youngstown?"

A good first starting/entry point = StreetScape
Youngstown CityScape's Annual Planting Day will be this Saturday June 5.

more info here
7:45am - registration
8:00am - planting begins
12:00pm - planting ends
12:01pm and onward - watch youngstown grow

here's your personal challenge for StreetScape 2010:

Introduce yourself to 5 people you don't know when downtown on saturday.

5 people.

think you can do it?

- - -

pictures from 2007. pictures from 2008.

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