Friday, June 11, 2010

the tailored fabrics and colors within John Lisko's downtown youngstown shop

Tucked within the Commerce Building on Federal Street, you'll find a shop with a lot of things...

yards and yards of the finest fabrics,

silk ties of all colors,

sport and suit jackets of many patterns,

pants of all sizes and variety,

and a gentleman who is passionate about fitting the needs of his clients.

The name of this downtown business: 
Tom James

The man who sells these outstanding custom-made suits: 
John Lisko

Let's take a look around the shop and sample the suit-buying experience...

First off, the shop offers suits and shirts from the rack (often needing alterations), as well as custom-made suits and shirts made from fabrics in various american and european styles.

I thought this was neat: John keeps a files on every single customer, a portfolio of sorts, with samples of the fabrics used to make each of their suits, jackets and shirts.

One gets measured using a variety of the tools of the trade...

And different linings are available for all the tailored pieces:

Here is a great photo of a bunch of guys from the early twentieth century hanging out in front of a tailor in the Smoky Hollow.

a great place to stop. and shop.

John Lisko's shop is located
in the Commerce Building
on East Federal Street


Defend Youngstown said...

Tom James is second to none. John Lisko is one of the finest businessman I have met in my time living in Youngstown. The portfolio of clients he keeps speaks for itself. Great post. Please consider Tom James. You won't be disappointed.

Phil Kidd
Defend Youngstown

Amanda Smith-Teutsch said...

Do you know where the clothes are sewn?