Thursday, June 24, 2010

McAllister's marks two months of ice cream downtown

Located in the winged-tire parking structure [look up from the street level to see how this building got its name] at Boardman and South Phelps, McAllister's Ice Cream Shop sits cattiwampus to Youngstown City Hall.

These photos were taken the first week McAllister's was open.

A specialty and top-seller of the store is their caramel cheesecake flavor.

I need to give a shout-out to their chocolate malt ice cream as well.

McAllister's also sells cinnamon rolls, coffee, muffins, pepperoni rolls, and other baked items for breakfast and lunch.

According to their menu:
- frozen bananas are $1.50
- a big ol cup of ice cream is $2.00
- gyros are $3.95
- pepperoni rolls are $2.95
- pints of ice cream for $3.85

and ice cream pies and cakes (with 48 hours notice) to take home for parties

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